As we enter into "The Next STAGE," we want to keep you informed on our last year, what we've accomplished and our 2018-2019 milestones. 

The New Lot - Home for the Future STAGE Theater

Thanks to a generous outpouring of support from patrons during Give to Lincoln Day 2018, Nebraska Communities Playhouse was able to purchase 17,500 square feet of land from the City of Hickman south of the current STAGE Theater building. The expanded capacity of the new construction will provide additional educational and entertainment opportunities for the young, the young-at-heart and everyone in between.

Raising The STAGE - (Out of the Flood Plain)

Over the past year, the NEBRASKA COMMUNITIES PLAYHOUSE board of directors has consulted with several contractors to determine the most cost-effective plans for growth and construction of a new performance space. The biggest obstacle is the fact the majority of downtown Hickman is in a flood plain; therefore, plans for the new construction necessitate elevation to ensure structural stability and long-term sustainability.

A Seat for Everyone - Expanding

Preliminary architectural drafts by Davis Design outline how the construction will seat 522 patrons between two performance spaces.

Home Sweet Home - Keeping Roots

As the autumn leaves fell, the opportunity arose to purchase the current home of the STAGE Theater. Despite its quirks (poles, anyone?), the space has become home to dozens of actors and crew members. While construction is underway, ownership of the building will ensure performances can continue as audiences have come to expect. Eventually, a breezeway will connect the current and new spaces.

Grants & Financial Campaign

In addition to donations from loyal patrons and friends of the theater, grants are an important part of raising the stage. Throughout 2018-19, several sizable grants have been pursued - and awarded - to the Nebraska Communities Playhouse. One of these, the Lancaster County Visitor Improvement Fund, will make it possible to elevate the new construction out of the flood plain.

Breaking Ground -

With the continued support of patrons and friends, the Nebraska Communities Playhouse and the STAGE Theater plan to break ground for the new building in spring 2019.

NCP & The STAGE Theater -

The Nebraska Communities Playhouse and The STAGE Theater are sister non-profit organizations, both with the goal of growing theater and arts in the greater Norris community and beyond. Similar to a theatrical production, NCP functions as the backstage and production crew - managing the facility and ensuring fundraising is in place for future growth, while the STAGE Theater is the performance wing of the organization, responsible for the production of live theater events.

We thank you for your continued support!  We invite you to visit this page again to stay up-to-date as we continue into "The Next STAGE!"